Naked celebrity pictures leaked before Jennifer Lawrence

Hunger Games star and over 100 other celebrities are reported to be victims of a maleficent hacker – but they’re not the first to optically discern private photos go public

Jennifer Lawrence was left fuming this morning as suppositiously private pictures of her and dozens of other celebrities were leaked online.

A hacker posted pictures of Jen and 100 other celebrities on incognito message board 4Chan infuriating the stars and their management.

Within hours Twitter was awash with hundreds of thousands of tweets about the photographs which are withal alleged to include Brits Michelle Keegan, Cara Delevingne, Cat Deeley and Kelly Brook.

But it’s not the first incidence showbiz stars have optically discerned their supposed private pictures leak into the public domain – optically discern our list below. Continue reading

Good e-mail marketing needs good SMTP provider

If you are utilizing email software like Outlook or Windows Mail, you require utilizing precise settings for the transaction of messages through email with an smtp provider.

If you optate to send emails through certain mail server, you should keep in mind to configure your electronic mail software with the exact SMTP settings. It’s because of the recent security amendment that you require to utilize the precise settings especially at the time of sending email with a third part ‘From’ address, for example, an address from your own personal domain denomination.

However, you should note that if you utilize Webmail or email software, you won’t have to worry about these settings. You can just sign in and send and receive messages right away. Also, email users can send messages through third-party addresses straight within Webmail. Continue reading